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Articulu di u numaru 1, ferraghju di u 2007

La petite chronique de Petru VACHET-NATALI

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PAOLIís cannons and seal

It would seem that two cannons belonging to Paoliís army stand in the hall of Trans-en-Provence town Hall, and are roaring on the 14th of July!

During the Campaign of Corsica in 1769, the Marquess of Villeneuve de Trans acquired them on the battlefield of Patrimoniu and Barbaghju as war trophies!

As for Paoliís seal, it would be in the possession of the Calvet Foundation in Avignon. After several unsuccessful demands from the curator of the Aiacciu Museum, it still remains in Frenchís hands!

But Corsicans are stubborn, and one day, these treasures from our glorious past, victories or defeats, will be restored to their rightful owners !